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Easy Hassle Free Ways To Buy A Fence

This is where the fun starts! Just like everything else in the 21st century, shopping for a fence system is a little different than how our parents bought their fences. In the old days, you would just ask a contractor to visit your home and provide an "estimate" for a fence. In this fast paced world we live in sometimes its impossible to schedule a convenient time for a salesperson to meet you at your home. For this reason we offer easy and hassle free ways to shop and buy your fence. 
If you are in the beginning steps of your shopping process the best way to get started will be with our exclusive yard measuring application. This app uses the latest satellite technology to find your home and place pins to determine your fence location. Once you determine the placement for your fence the technology will accuratley calculate the total lineal footage for your project. Once the layout is completed you will then shop our product catalog and choose the style, color and height you would like to purchase.
To get started with our measuring application simply click the image below!
For those who already know what they want we offer an online quote form. In this form you will provide us with the style, color and measurements for your project. You can also upload files to give us as much information as you can so we can accurately price your project. These files can be a sketch of the layout, a survey drawing or photos of the job site.
To get started with our online quote form simply click the image below!
If you want to tackle the project yourself, or have another contractor install it, the EZFence2Go system has been designed exclusively with you in mind. Simply shop throughout our online store to find your fencing solution. Once you know what you want simply build an online shopping cart with the product and quantities you need. You can arrange to pick it up at our warehouse or we can deliver it to you. 
To start shopping our most popular styles simply click the image below!
Finally, you can choose the traditional route where we come to you for a full service at home consultation, in which we will measure, suggest and guide you through the process. After your in home consultation, If you want to see and feel all of your options in person visit our indoor showroom. At Affordable Fence Builders, we are committed to making your shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as possible, from beginning to end.


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